Meet Dates and Files

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Meet 1: 09/23/2023 at Hawai‘i Baptist

Host: Hawai‘i Baptist Academy (click link for campus map/directions)
Cohosts: Farrington, Roosevelt, University Lab
Varsity Proctors: Island Pacific, Kailua, Kaimukī Christian, Kaiser, Sacred Hearts
JV Proctors: ‘Aiea, Kalāheo, McKinley
Graders: KS-Kapālama, Mililani, Pearl City, Thompson

Note: Starting the 2017-18 season, Events 1 and 6 consist of three different events combined into two.

Meet 2: 10/28/2023 at Mililani

Host: Mililani High School (click link for campus map)
Cohosts: Hanalani, Kaiser, Sacred Hearts
Varsity Proctors: Campbell, Punahou, Roosevelt, Thompson, University Lab
JV Proctors: Farrington, Hawai‘i Baptist, KS-Kapālama
Graders: ‘Aiea, Island Pacific, Kaimukī Christian, Maryknoll

Meet 3: 11/18/2023 at Mid-Pacific

Host: Mid-Pacific Institute (click link for campus map/directions)
Cohosts: Kaimukī Christian, Maryknoll, Punahou
Varsity Proctors: ‘Aiea, Hanalani, McKinley, Mililani, Pearl City
JV Proctors: Kailua, Kaiser, Sacred Hearts
Graders: Farrington, Kalāheo, Roosevelt, University Lab

Meet 4: 01/13/2024 at McKinley

Host: McKinley High School (click link for campus map/directions)
Cohosts: ‘Iolani, Kalani, Moanalua
Varsity Proctors: Farrington, Kalāheo, KS-Kapālama, Maryknoll, Punahou
JV Proctors: Campbell, Island Pacific, Kaimukī Christian
Graders: Hanalani, Kailua, Kaiser, Sacred Hearts

Note: Starting the 2017-18 season, Event 2: GEOMETRY – Convex Polygons consists of two different events combined into one.

Meet 5: 02/17/2024 at Pearl City

Host: Pearl City High School (click link for campus map/directions)
Cohosts: Island Pacific, Kalāheo, KS-Kapālama
Varsity Proctors: ‘Aiea, Hawai‘i Baptist, Kailua, Sacred Hearts, Thompson
JV Proctors: Hanalani, Mililani, Roosevelt
Graders: Campbell, McKinley, Punahou, University Lab

Meet 6: 03/16/2024 at ‘Aiea

Host: ‘Aiea High School (click link for campus map/directions)
Cohosts: Campbell, Punahou, Waipahu
Varsity Proctors: Farrington, Island Pacific, Kalāheo, KS-Kapālama, McKinley
JV Proctors: Maryknoll, Pearl City, Thompson
Graders: Hanalani, Hawai‘i Baptist, Mililani, Roosevelt

Meet 7: 04/20/2024 at Kalāheo